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How To Keep Track Of Your Training Or Exercise Performance With DailyMile

Do you exercise daily, keep track of it, or want to get expert advice? Do you want to share your performance with your friends to get motivated further? DailyMile is an online service that lets you track your performance, get advice, find other people who are training in the same category, find nearby races or competitions, share your performance with your friends, and much more.

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To get started, register an account by signing up(it’s free), and you will get your own personal  URL.

https://www.dailymile.com/people/[your username]

welcome page dailymile

To begin posting your workout click Post A Workout button, enter details, and click Post. You can set a training goal and find people with similar goals. You can also search people who are living near your city.

find people dailymile

The best thing is that you can track your own workout easily and upload photos which makes the experience more fun. If you want to get other’s advice or just ask a question you can use the forum. Join the group that suits you best and keep running. Enjoy!

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