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How To Navigate Images Based On URL Sequence In Firefox

Making it easier to navigate through images is one thing all browsers fail in. Suppose you find a directory full of images, what you will do is click the first image, go back, click the second image, go back and so on. This shows the lack of usability in every browser, can’t  they make it easier to navigate between images? Thanks to Image Navigator, the experimental add-on for Firefox, browsing images is now a piece of cake.

Once the add-on has been installed you will find a toolbar on the top-right side. This toolbar will help you navigate between images and moving between folders easily.

moving between images in directory structure

Note: Image Navigator for FireFox has been discontinued.

So what makes this extension different from other similar extensions available? The developer explain it nicely,

The reason I’ve worked on this extension, rather than using one of the other similar extensions, is the habit of sites redirecting you if the image doesn’t exist. I’ve made the extension trap page not found and redirects and offer the next folder in the sequence, if it can, and not follow the redirect if it can’t.

What makes this extension further interesting is the fact that it pre-fetches the next image in sequence, so the next image will load instantly when you click it. Enjoy!

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