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How To Set Up Free Alarm Clock Online Using KuKuKlok

Have you ever fallen asleep while working? Because most people have, including me 🙁 . The biggest problem arises when one forgets to set up an alarm clock. I have forgotten more times that anyone can count. While searching for the ultimate tool that can help me change my behavior, I came across a site called KuKuKlok. It is a handy little website that is “Swiss Made”, they actually write this proudly on their site.

This site is a virtual alarm clock which works, once the page loads, you can still use it offline.

KuKuKlok mainpage

To begin setting up an alarm, simply select the hours and minutes and the sound that you want it to make. To check different sounds, click on Preview Sound below the image. After selecting the time and sound, simply click Set Alarm and you are done.

The only drawback of this site is that it does not include 12 hour version of the alarm clock, i.e AM/PM. Otherwise it does a very great job. I have made this site a part of my daily life. The Slayer Guitar sound is the only sound that actually wakes me up. 🙂


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