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IE Tab In Google Chrome

Web designers and developer dread using Internet Explorer but love using Google Chrome for website development. However, we all know that there is a fairly large percentage of users who use Internet Explorer and the numbers are not going to decrease any time soon. Whenever a website is designed, developers have to check compatibility with every popular browser. And this is where IE Tab comes to aid. It is an extension for Google Chrome that displays web pages using Internet Explorer rendering engine. This helps the developers test how the web page looks like in Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10).

IE Tab supports ActiveX controls, Sharepoint, ICBC, and alipay, but is Windows only. The extension does not work on Mac but the developers are working on it.

To begin, just hit the IE tab icon and start browsing in the new tab. It also includes a right-click context menu support so you can open URLs in IE Tab quickly. If you have IE7 or greater installed, it will emulate IE7 by default. You get the option to emulate different versions of Internet Explorer. There are two modes, Standards Mode and Forced Standards mode, the former works if you have IE8 installed and the lattar works if you have IE9 installed.

IE Tab Google Chrome

It adds a new bar below the address where you can enter any website to view it in IE engine. Also there are options to access Internet Explorer options, change default set of URLs, and bookmark page. You can set up Auto URLs which will make sure that the URLs you have mentioned always open in IE Tab by default, except those which you define as exceptions.

In some testing, websites opened using IE Tab in Chrome opened faster than Internet Explorer itself. Even though we have tested IE Tab in Chrome, you will find the Add-on for Firefox too that has the same set of features.

IE Tab Extension For Google Chrome

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