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Improve Text Readability On Any Site With Change Colors For Chrome

Good web designers pay close attention to user experience when designing a website and that means everything from ease of site navigation to readability is given due attention. Despite that some people, particularly those with sight impairments, might still find it difficult to read text on sites. Change Colors is a Chrome extension that can solve this problem; it allows you to change the background, text, link and visited link color to any one of your choice and also increase or decrease the text size and font.

change color

The extension lets you change colors for a single page, all pages from a single domain or all pages you open. To apply the color change, click the icon in the URL bar and select which page(s) you want to change the color of.

Change Colors preferences

You can set colors that you find most convenient to read in from the extension options. You can select the color from the color picker and adjust the brightness. Remember that if you select the color but don’t adjust the brightness (by default it is set to black) you will not be able to see you color changes. To customize the font, select No for Use Web page fonts. Select the font you find easiest to read and specify the font size. You can view how the text will appear in the preview area on the right.

You can toggle the extension on and off with keyboard shortcuts given in the extension’s options.

Install Change Colors

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