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InstaFB – Import Pictures From Your Instagram Account To Facebook

For those of you who are avid Instagram users and find Facebook one of the best ways to share pictures with friends who aren’t on Instagram, InstaFB might be the perfect way for you to share your photos on Facebook. The web service lets you connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account and import 50 images to it. Once activated, the service continues to sync all new photos that you upload to Instagram to your Facebook profile.


Connect both your accounts and type in a name for the album the images are to be exported to, check Transfer my existing Instagram phtots and click Connect. Green check signs on both Facebook and Instagram icons will mark that you’ve successfully connected your account and a progress bar will show image transfer progress.

instafb transferring

The service will auto post the new album to your Facebook wall. Although the service is somewhat limiting as it can only export 50 images from your Instagram account, it continues to sync all new images posted to Instagram with your Facebook profile so that you don’t have to.

instafb transfered images

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  1. How do I remove this crap app from my Facebook account? I just realized that this thing has crated TWO Facebook albums called “Instagram Photos” on my Facebook profile because I already asked the Instagram app on my iPhone to share my photos to Facebook. How do I uninstall this InstaFB thing permanently?

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