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Instant Pages And Print Preview Debuts In Chrome 13

Google regularly updates Chrome but not all features it adds effect users on the front end and many go unnoticed. It is however, time to upgrade to Chrome 13 because two of the bigger more obvious improvements have made it to the stable version; Instant pages and Print preview. Print preview isn’t a new concept at all if you’ve used MS Word but it wasn’t available in Chrome and after Google Cloud print, it was badly needed feature. Instant pages however, is new. Chrome now pre-caches the first result on a Google search result page if it detects it is the one you’re looking for; when you click on the first result, the page loads in 0 seconds as it’s already loaded in the backend.

Print preview Chrome

To see see the print preview, hit Ctrl+P or click the Print option from the settings spanner. As opposed to the small window that used to open, a new tab opens. The tab is divided in to two panels, the left lets you change how you print a page and the right one previews what you’re about to print.

Instant pages is a function that you won’t experience immediately because Chrome will take some time to decide which results are most relevant for you but once it gets things going, the first result will load in 0 seconds. Another smaller feature that might be easier to spot is the integration of previously visited pages when you type in the Omnibar. As opposed to frequently visited pages, this feature quickly lets you open a web page that you’ve previously visited by listing it in the dropdown menu. To update Chrome, click on the setting spanner and select About Google Chrome.

[Via Google Chrome Blog]


  1. i am interested in “instant page” feature. If the page will be pre-loaded but not clicked and really opened, will the first page registef the visit in its analytics? If so, the first pages will increase traffic.

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