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iPhone Emulator: View How Websites Would Appear On An iPhone [Chrome]

iPhone Emulator takes any webpage and opens an iPhone-emulating browser to show you how the webpage would look if it was rendered on an iPhone. This Chrome extension creates a new, re-sized Chrome browser that scales down the website content like an actual iPhone does. Users should note that the extension requires permission to run in incognito mode. The incognito mode isolates the session from your main browsing sessions, so websites do not send mobile cookies to your desktop session and vice-versa.

After installing the extension, click Tools -> Extensions and enable the Allow in incognito option. While browsing the web, when you want to view how a website would look like on an iPhone, simply click the button placed right next to the address bar. As you do this, a new re-sized window will be launched with an iPhone view.


This is a simple but useful extension that works perfectly on all websites and can particularly come in handy for web developers and designers. Visit the link below to install the extension.

Install iPhone Emulator For Google Chrome

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