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iReader: Read Articles In A Clean, Clutter Free Layout [Firefox]

iReader, a Firefox add-on, allows you to view news stories and articles in a clean and clutter-free interface. It strips out all the extra content, such as ads and sidebars, and displays the article in a neat layout with a toolbar that comes with multiple options, such as zoom in and out, print, emailing, sharing and more. In addition to that, it supports multi-page news articles as well. iReader works automatically, and as soon as you land on a webpage that displays an article, iReader icon appears right in the URL bar. Simply click this or use the hotkey to open the article in iReader. The add-on can be useful for people who want to read articles without any distractions.

When browsing the web, you will notice the iReader icon in the URL bar. Simply click it to start reading the article in a simple and clean layout. When you hover your mouse over the article, the iReader toolbar appears at the bottom of the page with multiple options. Using this toolbar, you can zoom in and out of the page, print the article out, or email it. The zooming option can be great for people who want to read articles in larger fonts. Furthermore, the Twitter and Facebook buttons allow you to share the article with others, and clicking the image icon lets you to hide/unhide images in articles. The settings button lets you access iReader options.

iReader window

iReader Options come with two categories, Reader and Article Style. The Reader category lets users control the level of Background Opacity, set a Hotkey to enable iReader, enable Mail Articles from Gmail, Smooth Scroll and Enable Animation options. The Article Style category consists of Font Family, Article width and Article Margin Options. You can change these settings by selecting an option from the drop-down menus. Also, enable or disable Justify Text, depending on your preferences. Once done, click Ok, and you’re good to go.

iReader Options

iReader is an unobtrusive add-on that gives you great design and functionality for a better online reading experience. It can be quite useful for regular users of Firefox who read loads of articles online and want a clean, clutter-free reader.

Install iReader Add-On For Firefox


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