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Is Google Slow? Try Faster Stripped Down Version

When you connect to the internet using your mobile device or some wireless USB internet device on your laptop, the connection can be weak if you are traveling far from the city. Even though Google is quite fast, with slower internet connection the search results can take some time to load. So how do we solve this problem?

I know there are some Greasemonkey scripts that can reduce all clutter and some add-ons which can help speed up the result, but keeping them aside you can in fact perform a quick search by visiting a stripped down version of Google itself.

Instead of simply visiting google.com, try google.com/ie. The confusing part here is that IE is short for Internet Explorer, but this can make it easier for users to remember the permalink. 😉

Have a quick look at the screenshots below.

Google main page

AddiceTips result

It seems more like Google Mobile, but Google has not mentioned about this anywhere or have they? The stripped down version only shows the links, something that most users need when they have slower internet connection.

The only question left is, are the results of this page and the normal search page same? The answer is both yes and no, most results appear to be similar while some are slightly different. Now go and have a look at this page yourself.




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