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Ivy FM: Discover Great Music By Genre, Get Artist Info & Bio [Web]

Bored of listening to the same kind of music everyday, and want to experience something new and different? Ivy FM is a cool web application that lets you sit back, relax and enjoy non-stop music from popular artists from all over the world, without any ads or commercials. The service allows you to switch between different genres and skip through unlimited tracks. You will notice that Ivy FM does not have the usual list of artists or tracks, but offers you with something unique and interesting. Not only does the service let you listen to music and watch videos, but also learn about artists by displaying info and Top albums for each. With it, you will be able to discover and enjoy new music every day.

Ivy FM comes with a slick interface, with Channels displayed to the right and the video to the left. It has a vast range of genres, allowing you to choose from MetalClassical, Reggae, Hip Hop, Country to Indie music and more. Once you’ve selected a genre, you can then change songs from a massive collection by clicking the next button. Another great feature is the artists channel, which you can click and listen to songs only from a particular artist. Moreover, you can skip as much as you want or just listen to a random variety of songs. Ivy FM keeps you busy by giving you detailed info and Top Albums for each artist.

iv FM

The service makes it possible to discover and connect with popular artists and their music, Ivy FM certainly deserves your attention if you are the venturesome music enthusiast. It plays great songs continuously in each genre from the best artists in the world, and does not require any registration or login. Simply select your channel, listen to great music, share it and enjoy!

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