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Jux: Create Beautiful & Elegant Flipboard-Style Web Content For iPad

If you own an iPad and haven’t used Flipboard, you’re missing out on one of the most beautiful features that the tablet has to offer. Although it is a third-party app, the beauty and elegance it brings to otherwise-normal web content makes it a must have for almost all iPad owners. That said, not all websites can be Flipboard-capable, and if you’re a publisher, blogger, or just want to showcase to the world what you have to express, Jux is worth a look. It is a new publishing platform making full use of HTML5 to bring anything you publish to life – all with unprecedented excellence and style. Don’t misjudge it on account of the title – Jux is much more than being just an iPad soluton. The pages that you create with Jux look equally elegant on any HTML5-capable desktop browser as well. Continue with us after the jump as we take a peek inside this new approach towards content publishing, and see what it’s all about.


As soon as you reach the landing page for Jux, elegance and style become evident. The web app, as of now, supports six content types, including Slideshow, Blockquote, Countdown (lists), Articles, Video and Photos. To begin , hit the Get Started balloon and register yourself. You’ll need to provide an email address, a password and a preferred .jux.com domain name for your content. Once that’s configured, you can simply log in and begin creating your content, choosing one from any of the six content types offered.


The interface also sports an Add New button at the top, adjacent to sharing and Jux homepage links. Each content type comes with its own set of options, and some general ones like layout, showing badges etc. More on this to follow.

There is no limit to the number and types of content you can create, given that it belongs to the six supported categories. Pick any option and the interface will switch to edit mode, allowing you to define various parameters for that content type. Pictures, for example, let you choose the photo from various sources like local system, URL, Facebook, Flickr search etc. You can Stylize the image by changing its layout, caption positioning, background color, effects, as well as font face, color and size for the overlaying text.


Articles are also supported, making Jux ideal for casual bloggers as well. Apart from entering the headline and text, you may use the stylization options here, too (which remain almost the same), and access the common options under Set Options, which will let you change the byline, post date, and choose whether to display the Jux badge or not.


Blockquotes are yet another interesting content type, allowing you to shout out anything to the world against a backdrop of your choosing. The text you enter here will be displayed in bold, and you can tweak the appearance parameters to your liking. Videos and Lists also work similar, and are rather self descriptive.



The best part of using Jux is how it makes the pages even more beautiful when viewed on the iPad’s very-capable Safari browser. Want to show off your content in style? Forget Flipboard. All pages created in Jux are rendered on the iPad’s mobile Safari with eye-candy transition effects and aesthetic perfection, both in portrait and landscape modes. Have a look at these snapshots below, although they don’t really do justice to what it really looks like.



Notice how I had rather-repeatedly used ‘iPad’ above? That’s because it is iPad-specific, for some reason that escapes us, totally. We tried pages created in Jux on iPhone, WP7, Android phones (with various browsers), and even Android-based tablets, but it all gets messed up. It’s only the iPad’s Safari that was able to render the page as it should’ve been. A limitation in our opinion, nevertheless, and a better cross-browser support would definitely benefit the web app more. Have a look at our test Jux here, and try it on different browsers to see for yourself.

Jux is a feature-rich, HTML5-based content publishing platform that holds much promise. The options are numerous, supported content types are significant, it’s utterly pleasing to look at, easy to use and understand, and best of all, it’s totally free. Of course, Jux is, in no way, a substitute for long-established market leaders in CMS, but for a casual user, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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