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KanbanFlow: Private & Shared To-Do List Management With Pomodoro Timer

Organizing multiple tasks and actually getting them done on time is not easy, but with KabanFlow, you can easily keep your task list organized and get a quick overview of your current work situation. It is an intelligent web app that is free to use, and once you’ve signed up for it, you can create boards, add tasks, assign them to others, move tasks across different categories, manage subtasks, add comments and much more. The app allows you to create as many shared or private boards as you like. When working in a team, whenever someone adds, deletes or moves a task, the changes can be viewed by all the other team members in real time. KabanFlow allows you to observe tasks that are in progress, completed on the present day and otherwise-done. Additionally, the app supports the popular Pomodoro technique for time management.

After signing up for the service, you will be able to sort and arrange your tasks into four different columns, viz. To-do, Do Today, In Progress and Done, along with the option of adding new columns. Moreover, you can drag tasks from one column to another, and edit or delete them. When a subtask has been completed, you can use the check box to mark it such.


Adding tasks is very simple; all you have do is click the (+) button for a particular column, and add a Name and Description for the task. You can also select a Color and add a Time estimate (optional). Each new task you add can be assigned to different group members, and Subtasks can also be added for each individual task.

add task

The Administration panel allows you manage columns, users and boards. You can enable or disable multiple options for each column, such as Show name of the responsible user, Show subtasks expanded, Show time spent, Show time estimate etc.


The Pomodoro technique requires you to work with full focus for about 25 minutes before you take a short break, then work another 25 minutes, followed by another short break and so on. In order to use the Pomodoro timer, simply click a particular task on the board and it will automatically be added to the timer.


KabanFlow works seamlessly and lets you manage your tasks more effectively. The added bundling of the Pomodoro technique is just another edge that you get, and it won’t hurt to give this quite-useful web app a try!

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