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Kuunga Chrome Web App Lets You Customize Chrome’s New Tab Page

Kuunga is a Google Chrome web app that organizes all your links, apps, bookmarks and most recent webpages in the browser’s New Tab page. It means that when a new tab is opened, Kuunga will be display all your information, giving you easier access and management. You no longer need to navigate through small bookmarks and separately go to history or apps, since all of them are collected in one access point. You also get the option of adding notes with links and look them up with ease. More after the break.

In Kuunga, you will basically find five options: Add Note, Bookmarks, Apps, Recent and Other. Notes are displayed under Bookmarks, with each supporting addition of multiple links. Once you click the title of a note, all links in there will open immediately in new tabs, or you can choose to open links separately by clicking them. Your Bookmarks created with Kuunga will be in the browser’s Tools menu, too, so you can still edit or delete them.


The Apps category places all your installed apps in the same format as Chrome. You may edit or delete them from this view.


Recent category comes in quite handy, since it lists most-visited sites and recent websites along with the time of visit for each.



Other tab can be thought of as a miscellaneous one, since it contains visited links that are not in the right format to be added to Recent links.


Kuunga is just one among many similar extensions that modify the new tab and if you’re already using one, or have done so in the past, it is likely nothing about this extension will surprise you. If you’re currently using a really great new tab modifying extension then Kunnga will be a bit of a disappointment. It’s added the usual features but what it does to the bookmarks is brutal; they are split across two different sections if a folder has too many bookmarks to show in its folder view, you cannot scroll to see the rest. How the bookmarks are split across two sections isn’t clear but it leaves you with missing or inaccessible bookmarks that are confusing. The interface itself could do with a better color scheme.

Kuunga Chrome app provides users with easy navigation, enhancing the whole browsing experience and making it more interactive. You may take it for a test drive using the Chrome Web Store link provided below.

Install Kuunga for Google Chrome

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