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Launch Websites From Chrome Omnibar Using Custom Shortcuts

Tired of entering repetitive URLs to access the same website? Shortcuts, a Chrome extension, makes navigation faster by letting you create and customize website shortcuts of your very own choice. With it, you no longer need to type the full website URLs over and over again, neither have to access your bookmarks. The extension lets you instantly create shortcuts for any website from its options. For instance, if you’ve set FB as the shortcut for Facebook, all you need to do, is type >, press Tab, and enter FB. Shortcuts conveniently allows you to get to your favorite websites without wasting time and effort.

The great thing about this extension is that it lets you manage the entire list of shortcuts directly from the Omnibar. Typing “-” followed by the shortcut removes the shortcut, whereas, typing “+” followed by the shortcut adds the shortcut to the list. By default, you may access settings by typing an unrecognized shortcut. This is how easy and simple it is. This behavior can be modified to do nothing in the event an incorrect shortcut is typed or you can have it go to a particular URL. By default the URL is set for Wikipedia but you can remove it and add your own.


Desktop notifications are displayed every time a shortcut is added or deleted from the list.

shortcut added  shortcut removed

The Shortcut settings allow you to enable desktop notifications when shortcuts are added, deleted or overwritten. The settings also allow you to set a display time for these notifications. The Manage Shortcuts category allows you to add a combination of letters to create a shortcut and a corresponding link for the website. To remove a shortcut, visit the shortcut manager on the extension’s settings’ page. Select a shortcut and click Remove.

shortcut settings


Many might think the extension isn’t all that useful given that Chrome suggests websites in the Omnibar based on your search history but unless you regularly clean your browsing history, you are likely to have a lot of junk suggestions. You will notice this happen when typing just one or two letters populates suggested URLs that are completely irrelevant. The extension makes it easier to open a website you frequently visit without having to open a new tab or visiting and/or dig through your bookmarks.

Shortcuts can be useful for people who need to open the same websites over and over again. The extension works seamlessly and provides faster access to the web.

Install Shortcuts For Google Chrome

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