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LinkedNotes: Create Notes Online & Sync With Google Bookmarks [Chrome]

There are many Chrome extensions out there that let you make notes, but very few are as quick and easy-to-use as LinkedNotes. This handy extension is designed for lightweight note-taking, which can then synchronizes your notes with Google Bookmarks. This means that all your notes are always kept private and never lost. LinkedNotes works on all kinds of webpages, and you can copy highlighted text either by clicking the Copy to Note option from the right-click context menu, or by using the copy-paste functionality. The extension remembers which web pages you created a note on and lets you view them accordingly.

Once you’ve installed the extension, simply click on the button in the toolbar to add notes. You can copy-paste content from webpages, or just type in the notes yourself. Click the Add button to add more notes. Also, you will find a Quick Search bar that allows you to search for specific notes. If you click the goblet like button next to this quick search bar, it will show you all notes that you created for the current website.  The Sync feature conveniently allows you to sync all your notes with Google Bookmarks. Select individual notes, click Sync, and your notes will automatically be added to Google Bookmarks.


A Copy to Note option is also added to the right-click context menu. Highlight any text and click this option to quickly copy text to LinkedNotes, which you can then sync with Google Bookmarks.


In terms of convenience, the extension is excellent. Instead of limiting itself to providing one of two options for saving a note, the developer has given the user a choice to enter notes manually or from text selected on a web page. This allows users to edit the note they’ve created even if it is just text copied from a website. Having the option to add titles or perhaps create folders would definitely make the extension more useful but even now, with the sync feature and its ability to remember noted for the website they were created makes it an excellent extension to have in your browser. There aren’t any text formatting options available and pasted links are not clickable.

This is quite a handy extension that allows you to quickly copy important information, or make notes for later use. Notes are instantly synced and organized in Google Bookmarks with only one simple click. Visit the link below and try it out.

Install LinkedNotes For Google Chrome

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