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Listen To Your Favorite Artist, Discover New Music And Browse At The Same Time In Firefox Using Fire.fm

Do you want to listen to your favorite artist, discover new music and browse at the same time without having to visit any music related website? If you use Last.fm to listen to your favorite artists, discover new music, and create music playlists then all you need is Fire.fm. It is an add-on for Firefox browser that lets you access music from Last.fm. To use this add-on you will need a Last.fm account which is free, If you don’t have an account with last.fm, I would strongly recommend that you make one.

Fire.fm is the winner of Extent Firefox 3 contest, is the most downloaded, and has 5 star rating with 140 reviews which makes it a must have add-on.

Once you have successfully installed the add-on, you will notice the Fire.fm toolbar below the address bar(see screenshot).

fire.fm bar

According to the developers behind this add-on,

Fire.fm is your direct access to the extensive music library on Last.fm. Listen to music related to your favorite artist, and discover new artists and music in the process. Listen to your friends’ favorite music. Find Last.fm users with musical taste similar to your own. Quickly access your favorite stations by just typing a few letters into the location bar. This is the ultimate add-on for the music junkie.

You must login to Last.fm to use this add-on, it will show your your list of top artist, recent stations, and much more.

top artists

If you don’t want Fire.fm toolbar to show on top because it is already in the status bar, you can remove it by going to View > Toolbars. You can also use advanced feature of Last.fm by using this add-on, such has listen to your friend’s music and find users with musical taste similar to your own. Enjoy!


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