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Login To Facebook Using Vanity URLs

This is an exciting news for all Facebook users out there, now you can login to facebook.com using your Vanity URL username. When Facebook first announced the introduction of vanity URLs, more than 50 million people grabbed it immediately.

For those who don’t know what vanity URLs is, here is a short introduction. Vanity URLs are URLs in which any name is included. For e.g, facebook.com/AddictiveTips is a vanity URL. Now I can login using AddictiveTips as username instead of having to type the email address.

AddictiveTips Facebook

Before the introduction of vanity URLs, users could only login using their long email address, now instead of having to type emails like Bob_987@BlahBlah.com and HelloKitty_9876@Anything.com, you can simply enter the vanity URL name in the username box.

Bonus: You can also login to facebook account by using your mobile phone number instead of email address.



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