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Love Cooking? Import Recipes To Google Docs Instantly [Chrome Extension]

We are not sure how many of our readers love cooking but if you ever want to quickly import recipes from popular websites to Google Docs for reading later, sharing with friends, or for simply making a collection of your favorite dishes, then gRecipes is the perfect extension for this purpose. At the moment, gRecipes for Chrome can import recipes from four popular websites (more will be supported soon) and makes organizing recipes in Google Docs a breeze.

So how does it work? You simply have to browse the recipes you love and when this extension find something that can be imported, a purple cow will appear in the address bar. Click this purple cow and the recipe is automatically added as a Google Document. Simple as that!


A permission is required for first time usage as shown in the above screenshot. Once done, a single click will save the recipe in Google Docs without further ado.

gRecipes Extension for Chrome

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