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Make Scrolling Easier When Reading Long Articles In Chrome

It happens quite so often that we have to scroll all the way to the bottom when we come across a long (really long) article. Sometimes while scrolling, we lose focus on the last read sentence. Reading off the screen is difficult for some people to begin with, and it becomes harder when you can’t manage to control the tiny scroll bar at the right-side of browser window.

Teleprompter is an extension for Google Chrome which brings automated scrolling up and down the page in order to make users read long articles easily. It comes with pre-defined hotkey combinations to enable slower scroll, faster scroll, toggle automated scroll and on-screen widget display On/Off. Apart from using hotkeys, you can just double-click the page to start automated scrolling.

After installation, it adds a scroll-imaged icon alongside the address bar. To enable automated scrolling, click this icon or double-click anywhere on the page. A small on-screen scrolling speed controller will appear, letting you adjust speed prior to moving up/down the page. Once speed is adjusted, scroll the page to start automated scrolling. The automated scrolling direction depends upon the way you are moving through the page. For instance, if you roll mouse wheel in downward direction, it will start scrolling down the page and conversely is the case with rolling mouse wheel in upward direction.


By default, the initial scroll speed and range is set to 80 and 300 respectively. However, from extension options page, you can change these default settings and enable/disable double-click to start automated scrolling behavior. You can also check out the pre-configured hotkey combinations.

TelePrompter Extension for Google Chrome

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  1. Addictive tips is officially my favourite tech site. I’m learning so much about the 3 devices (Android phone, Windows 7 PC and Linux box) I use the most. I’ve spent years reading and learning from other sites but Addictive Tips gives out some really great tips. Been following your RSS for under a month and I’ve learned a lot.

    My sincere thanks for running such a great site and the long well-written articles. Please don’t ever become like Gizmodo by giving me a snippet per article which is just copy/pasted from the source site. Thanks again!

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