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Makes Browsing Sessions Safer In Chrome With SaferChrome

SaferChrome is a Google Chrome extension that secures browsing sessions by defending against malicious attacks and enforcing tighter security for the Chrome browser. Security related information can be instantly obtained regarding a website via the Security Report icon on the address bar.

By clicking on this icon, you can obtain detailed information in a pop-up window which contains SaferChrome security report. In the Alerts section, details about the security threat (if any) is displayed. Whereas, the Infos section displays data about the number of images, scripts, page elements, etc.

The Security Report icon is continuously displayed for every website and turns red for websites that is either malicious or has a security loophole. A green icon signifies that a website is free of any phishing scams and attacks.

SaferChrome is a good extension to identify and avoid websites that may harm your PC or attempt to obtain private information such as credit card credentials for malicious purposes. We are hopeful that it will be developed and improved further, specially the interface.

SaferChrome Extension for Google Chrome

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  • Michael

    So it’s pretty much the same as WOT?