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Manage And Organize Chrome Web Store Apps With AppJump Launcher [Extension]

AppJump Launcher is a nifty extension for Google Chrome which intends to provide better management for installed web apps and extensions. According to the developer, it was written to assist users who have installed apps in great number from Chrome Web Store, since organizing & accessing each of them is a bit dragging, AppJump lets you categorize installed and frequently used apps and extensions into defined groups. Apart from doing management of your applications, it also allows user to quickly launch the application, so users don’t have to navigate through different windows to access the application or to configure its options.

If you’ve been visiting Chrome Web Store extensively to try out newly designed web apps, you will love the way it handles all of your apps. Using it for the first time shows Chrome Web Store in front of you to pick out your favorite apps. Moreover, it’s an ability to manage installed extensions as well, it lists down all the installed extensions on its configuration page, so users can put them in respective categories.

Note: App Jump Launcher is developed to manage and organize both web apps and extensions, but in the current initial release it can only show web apps in the main drop-down window.

After the installation, you can access it from top-right corner, where it will show you all the installed apps with an option to start managing them. Click Manage Apps & Extensions to put scattered application into groups.


This will lead you to AppJump configuration page to start making new groups, just click Add to Group and from pull-down menu, select Create New Group. Once groups are created, you can organize apps into groups.


Underneath the Web Apps, you will find all the installed extensions, you can also categorize them into groups, but at this stage of development, you wont be able to access them from its front-end drop-down window.


After you’ve done managing apps into groups, you can access the apps from their corresponding groups present under drop-down window.


The extension seems pretty useful for those who use a lot of Chrome Store web apps on regular basis. Initial release is stable and works on Google Chrome 4.0+.

AppJump Extension for Google Chrome

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