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Manage And Search Google Bookmarks From Chrome [Extension]

We all know the frustration of having bookmarks saved in different computers. Google Bookmarks allows you to have your bookmarks online which you can sync across any device. It is a useful service because all your bookmarks reside in the cloud and you can sync them up anywhere you want.

Lite Bookmarks is an extension for Google Chrome that imports your Google Bookmarks to allow you to manage and search them easily from within the browser. It shows both the labels and bookmarks without labels, and includes a real-time search with all bookmarks ordered alphabetically. Users can also bookmark any page directly using this extension.

lite bootmarks chrome

The search is real-time – the results appear as you type. The favicons helps you quickly navigate and access your bookmarks. If you click on any Label, it will list all bookmarks under that Label; a quick way of sorting out bookmarks by topic.

Bookmarks added through this extension are saved directly in the cloud synced with Google Bookmarks. The sync is not real-time though, but there is an option to set the refresh time. If you set the refresh for 5 minutes, it will check for new bookmarks every five minutes. Lastly, you will find a badge showing the total number of bookmarks and the last time you read (accessed) any bookmark.

You must be logged into Google Bookmarks before using this simple and useful extension. The small star icon next to ‘Add’ will take you directly to Google Bookmarks service.

Lite Bookmarks Extension for Chrome

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