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Manage Google Calendar Events In Chrome

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Do you use Google Calendar for scheduling all of your tasks and upcoming events? if yes, then you wont need to open Calendar each time or to use any third party Google Calendar extension to view and manage events. Google has an official extension for Google Chrome called Google Calendar, which can help users in managing Google Calendar events right from the browser. While all the calendar tasks can be handled with it, you can add new events to schedule them, check details of existing events / tasks, open map to annotate places and so on.

It also allows user to bring up mini calendar to look for specific events. If you’ve been managing multiple calendars with Google Calendar, you can switch between your calendars to list down only specific events and tasks.

To show the the mini calendar along with all the upcoming events, click Google Calendar icon, and from Options, enable Show mini Calendar option to show the calendar on the top of its popup window.

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Adding new tasks is easy. Just click add button to title the event and click Quick Add to insert the event into the list. If you need to add more details to events, click Edit Details, it will lead you directly to Google Calendar event details page to add more details.

edit details

Google Calendar Extension for Google Chrome

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