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Manage More Than Hundred Social Sites From Your Desktop With Nomee

Nomee is a unique service that provides a desktop tool to manage all your social sites in one place. It requires you to register and once you have done that the next step would be to create a Nomee card and share it with your other Nomee friends.

It supports all major social networking sites, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, and much more. The main objective of Nomee is to help you manage all your social sites from one simple desktop tool.

nomee setup profile cardInstead of having to manually select all the social sites, it provides a search feature where you can enter your most commonly used name across various social sites and it will pull the information for you. For testing purpose I have only added two accounts, Facebook and Twitter.

nomee newsteam screenshot

It allows you to get a more clear picture of what your friend’s are upto and let them know what you are doing. You can always hide the information that you want to prevent your friends from seeing. You can also create more than one group and share different information with different groups thus making information sharing much more easier.

Download Nomee

The desktop tool is cross-platform since it is developed on Adobe Air. Enjoy!

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