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Manage Your Firefox Saved Passwords With Saved Password Editor

At AddictiveTips, we use LastPass, which is one of the best password manager around, but a lot of users still prefer to use the default password manager for Firefox to save all their passwords. The default password manager, as we all know, does not have any option to add a new entry, nor can it edit any saved passwords.

Saved Password Editor is an add-on for Firefox that solves this problem. It extends the Saved Passwords window, allowing you to create a new password entry, edit an existing one, or clone an entry.

This add-on is particularly useful when certain sites prevent you from saving the password by default. In this case, you can use Saved Password Editor to enter the credentials manually. After installing this add-on, you can access it easily from the Tools menu on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

saved passwords

firefox saved passwords  new

You can add your account credentials for a specific site by clicking New in Saved Passwords window. The same interface also allows you to remove, edit and show your saved passwords (see screenshot above).

You can select the account type for which you are saving your login credentials e.g. a web forum, an HTTP authenticated account, etc, and can always come back to the same interface by clicking Edit on the main interface.

New Account

This add-on was tested on Firefox 3.6.3 and works on Firefox 3.0 – 4.0b8pre.

Download Saved Password Editor for Firefox

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  1. Good article. Just one thing: the example you show would not work. The password manager requires the host field to be in the form “http://test.com”, i.e. start with the protocol (“http”, “https”, etc), end with the host part (“test.com” or “example.com:8000”), no trailing slash or anything else. Same for the submit prefix (for web forms). It’s pretty strict that way. My add-on gives you an almost direct interface to the records in the database; I only added the type selection, so it makes a little more sense to a user.

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