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Memonic: Capture And Bookmark Web Content To Organize Data

The concept of bookmarking has been around long before there were only books, and digital media had perhaps not even been born. When internet came to be, bookmarks were used to keep a note of useful, to-be-remembered links. Then came social bookmarking, where people began sharing bookmarks of interest. Further came bookmark synchronization, because you may not be restricted in your usage to only one PC, and having something saved on your home PC that you cannot access on your work laptop can be a real bummer.

However, until this point, the whole concept of bookmarking had been around saving links. Yes, you can tag them, you can categorize them, but in the end, they were only URLs that needed to be visited to review the content that they contained. This is where the idea behind Memonic came to be. This service allows you to save not only the URLs, but actual content snippets that you can view without having to visit the actual web page again, in the form of an online, personal notebook. Best of all, it’s free (mostly).


Memonic works around a three-step usage model. You capture items, you organize them and then you use them. To capture, you can create an item from scratch, use the memonic bookmarklet in your browser or capture items through email, by sending them to post@memonic.com. On the organization front, you can categorize your items, search through them and edit them as well. For usage, that’s totally up to you, the user. Post it on social networking websites, email it, publish on blogs or websites, its all up to you. Memonic ensures that you have all your content available at any time, anywhere.

The screenshot below shows the memonic bookmarklet being used to capture the first item on www.addictivetips.com

memonic web

And here’s how the item appears in your own memonic collection.

memonic web inbox

Memonic can be used in three ways. You can choose an instant package, which imposes a limit of 10 items with no additional features, or you can sign-up for a free account where you have 100 items limit, iPhone application support, search support, etc. Finally, there is a paid, unlimited account where no restrictions are applied and all features are available. Currently, memonic does not impose a bandwidth limit.

Memonic is a neat and useful service that holds the potential to change the way we think about bookmarks. The service is growing and it will be interesting to see whether memonic can become what delicious was (and perhaps is) at one time. Also it can be considered a good alternative to the popular EverNote.

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  • Thanks for the kind review.

    You rightly mentioned the three step usage model. Especially with respect to “organize” and “use” we believe a lot can still be done. We also plan to make use of HTML5 to provide for a nifty offline application. Stay tuned.