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Memonic – Take Notes Online And Sync Them To Your Desktop, Android Or iOS Device

How do you take notes online? Do you rely on bookmarks or use an online service? If you prefer online services, then you might want to give Memonic a try. Memonic lets you take notes online, clip web content and add it to your notes, share your notes and print them. These notes can be synchronized across your desktop, Android and iOS devices.

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Memonic isn’t another ordinary service that lets you save web content online, it lets you organize the content using tags and folders. You can share any and all notes made with friends via email or Facebook and Twitter. Memonic has a Chrome extension, a desktop app and a clipper for Windows and iOS and an Android app which adds up to a lot of different places you can synchronize your notes to. For other browsers, a bookmarklet is available on the site; simply drag & drop it to your bookmark bar and click it whenever you want to clip content from a page.


To start creating notes, sign up for a free account; you can create up to 100 notes, 3 folders and attach files of up to 2MB each on a free plan. Notes can include links, images and documents (as attachments) and text (rich text formatting is supported). The notes you create can be shared with your friends who have a Memonic account  or you can email them, post them to your Facebook wall or your Twitter feed. There is no limit to how big a note itself can be, so you can use the service to keep a tab on just about anything.

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Memonic has a desktop app for Windows, you can create notes right from your desktop and sync them to your online account. The notes you create and sync from the desktop can be viewed online by signing in to your account (you don’t need to sync browsers for it) and from Android and iOS devices if you’ve installed the app. A clipper app for Windows is also available, the app lets you compose notes, create notes from text saved to your clipboard, and take screenshots and save them to your local system. The clipper also acts as a one click shortcut to opening your Memonic account in your default browser. Your online account syncs automatically but you will have to manually sync the desktop app by clicking the  sync button.

Memonic has apps for both Android and iOS, clipper app is available for iOS only and lets you add text as well as take pictures that you can add to new notes. The desktop app and the web version let you attach files from anywhere on the system. You can add comments to notes from the web version and edit them from any device.

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The web service does have a few kinks to work out but it’s only in the beta version so you can expect a lot of improvement and maybe further iterations. Right now, the service is syncing image attachments seamlessly but DOCX or even TXT attachments aren’t syncing even to the desktop. They can however be added and downloaded from the browser.

The service may seem like any other note taking tool, but the clipper feature that lets you take content from any web page, bookmarks it or mark it to read later can be a huge help if you’re researching anything. Everything gets saved as a note, the notes can be tagged and sorted, shared or printed right from the browser. The premium version of the service is available for an yearly subscription of  $28. The premium version lets you create an unlimited number of notes and folders, increases the file size for attachments to 20MB allows full SSL encryption and lets you save lengthy research in a single folder on your system.

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