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Metro Start: Google Chrome New Tab Page With Metro UI [Extension]

Metro Start is a Chrome extension that modifies the New Tab page in Chrome. It forgoes the thumbnails in Chrome’s Speed Dial and lists saved links, installed apps and bookmarks so that you have access to more of them from a single page. The saved links have to be entered manually so it will take a little time for you to set the extension up before use but on the upside, you can add more than the nine websites that would appear in the Speed Dial. Metro Start is inspired by Windows phone Metro UI; the design allows you to quickly get from the new tab page to your desired websites. It lets users customize the color of the background, the name of the start page, the options i.e Saved Links, Bookmarks, installed apps etc., and the color of options that appear under these heads. You will also be able to toggle the Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature, change the location and view high/low temperatures in the upper right corner of the page.

Once you’ve installed the extension, simply click the Wrench option displayed at the bottom of the page to get started. Next, click the Add option and enter your desired URL. You can add as many links as you like under the saved links category. To access Chrome apps, simply click the Installed Apps option.


To change the location and weather unit, click the Edit link next to the location where the weather is displayed. Enter the name of your city and country (separated by a comma) and hit enter. The extension will automatically detect your area and display local weather.

To edit the color scheme, click Edit Theme at the bottom right and from the four color wheels that open, select a color for one or all of the elements you can edit. Change these colors according to your preferences, or simply click reset to enable the default color scheme.


Metro Start is mostly a cosmetic change to the new tab page. It adds a weather option but doesn’t lend additional functionality to the page. The Wrench option is slightly misleading as it may also refer to the Wrench/Spanner that opens Chrome’s settings. You still have to switch tabs to get to your bookmarks and installed apps and resizing the window causes the elements to overlap each other. It is nevertheless an unobtrusive and easy-to-use extension that lets you access all your saved links and installed apps in a visually appealing interface. Visit the link below to install Metro Start, try it out, and drop a comment.

Install Metro Start For Google Chrome


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