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Min.us Is A Fresh Approach To Online Photo Sharing

From online photo sharing services like Flickr and Shutterfly to Facebook and Picasa Web Albums, showing-off your creativity has never been easier. However, despite differences in their offerings, all these websites have one thing in common: the approach to using them. To use any of these free services, you need to sign-up with them, go through the process of uploading photos to your account and finally, share them with the people you know so that they can view (or comment, in some cases) on them. This can be a long procedure and some people need a faster way to share photos. While a lot of services exist that cater to this need, few turn out as impressive and functional as my personal favorite in that area, a fresh entrant labelled Minus (yes, the subtraction sign, literally!)

Project Minus is an online service aiming to change all that. It’s simple to use, aesthetically pleasing and brings the convenience of having multiple people uploading and viewing images. There is no signup required, no lengthy upload process and outstanding results. All you need to do is drag and drop your images to the browser window, and you’re done. Yes, really!


In order to use Project Minus, the only requirement is having a supported browser, which currently includes all the famous ones (Chrome, Firefox, IE9 and Safari). Drag and drop the image on the browser window, and some clever JavaScript takes care of the whole upload process in the background. You can upload multiple images at the same time. Resizing browser window will also resize the images.


With the first image upload, the website will generate a dialog box containing a list of all your uploaded images, a link to download the whole gallery as .zip file, and two URLs; one for the viewable gallery, and the other for editable version of the gallery. This makes it perfect for sharing photos of group events, vacations, college trips, etc where multiple people have cameras, and you, after uploading your share, can give the editable link to some other person who can add their photos. The ‘Share’ link allows only viewing and downloading of images.

Finally, there is an option to create an account and signup on Minus as well, although that does not constitute a requirement at any point. The project is still in development, so it’s certainly one to keep an eye out for.

Visit Project Minus


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