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Minimalist For Google Reader Hides Elements To Reduce Distraction

Minimalist for Google Reader is the latest extension for Google Chrome from Ansel Santonsa, the developer behind both previously reviewed Minimalist for Gmail and Minimalist for Google Calendar. It can hide almost 50 distracting interface elements of Google Reader to give it a minimalist look which leads to improved productivity.

The extension options are laid down similar to previous extensions from the same author. From General tab you can hide icon, show favicon counter, enable transition animations, or use custom CSS to customize the look. From Theme tab, you can change the colors of background, borders, links, and buttons. The Google Bar tab has options to hide Google bar, background & border, Google links, and Google user bar. The Header bar has options to hide header, logo and search. You can also enable a custom logo from this tab. The Main tab allows you to hide Toolbar, Footer, Home, and Items. Lastly, the Navigation tab can be used to hide all navigation options available in Google Reader.

google reader minimalist

Just like previous two extension, you can import and export all settings of this extension when moving between different computers. In the screenshot below you will see that I have removed Google Bar, logo, and options that distracted me while reading daily feeds.

minamilist google reader

It must be noted that it has just been released and is in Beta stage.

Minimalist for Google Reader


  1. Hopefully this doesn’t turn itself on and off as the gmail extension seems to do randomly (for me at least). One minute it’s working, then it’s not (but the icon is still present), then there’s no icon and it’s not working at all.

    Still, when it does work, it’s brilliant.

  2. Further to my previous comment:

    Once you are reading the articles, the shortcut “n” jumps you straight to the start of the next article – saves scrolling through a long article, in which you have little interest. If you want to return to a previous article, pressing “p” will jump you back, one article at a time.

  3. I love Minimalist for GMail and Calendar, but won’t bother with Reader. I just click on the feed I want to read (normally, “All Items”), then tap the shortcut key “f”. Presto! Nothing at all, except the actual articles. When finished, I tap “f” again, and am ready to repeat the process when new articles arrive.

    Combined with “F11”, this makes feed reading a pleasure, even on my eee900. As well, it works in FireFox, still my favourite browser, mostly because of TabMix Plus.

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