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MinTrayR – Minimize Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey To System Tray

MinTrayR is a new replacement for the previously known and decommissioned MinimizeToTray extension. It works on Mozilla based applications such Firefox, Thunderbird and SongBird. This extension allows minimizing of Mozilla applications to system tray and is compatible with Linux/Gnome and Windows based OS including both x86 and x64 versions.

After installing this extension simply go to preferences via the Add-Ons section from the Tools drop down menu.  You can customize the options from the Main tab to enable a context menu right-click option and for selecting minimization preferences.

Ubuntu - VMware Workstation_2010-12-29_14-47-44

From the Firefox tab you can choose which windows to minimize to tray including the Browser, Bookmark and Downloads window. A similar option is visible for other supported clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

MinTrayR is a useful extension which adds the option to minimize Mozilla based applications to the system tray to avoid a cluttered taskbar. This can also help users to keep the Mozilla based apps separated from other windows for a more consolidated view. This extension is currently compatible with Firefox 3.6+, Thunderbird 3.1+, Seamonkey 2.1+, and Instantbird 0.2+. It works with all recent Windows based platforms including XP/Vista/7 along with Linux/Gnome built OS.

Install MinTrayR Addon for Firefox

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