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Moviegram: Find Movies, Watch Trailers And Share With Friends [Web]

You can find several movie websites on the web, but not many offer you the latest movies, trailers and details. If you love watching movies and want to stay up to date about the latest happening in Hollywood, then Moviegram is just what you need. This web app, powered by Rotten Tomatoes, YouTube and Trailer Addict, allows you to find movies and search for other popular ones. It lets you watch trailers in high quality, which can then help you  decide whether to watch the movie or not. Furthermore, you can find detailed information about the movies, such as title, time duration, cast, directors and so on. It also allows you to post comments about the movie on Facebook.

Moviegram basically acts as a search engine, with an extensive database containing information on hundreds of films from all genres. It allows you to easily view the most popular movies, and search for a particular title by entering its name in the search bar. Search is instantaneous, and titles start appearing as you key in the terms.



The app also provides users with a URL that can be used to share the trailer on different social networks. This service does not only allow you to search and find movies, but also lets you see detailed information about each title, such as Runtime, Released, Director, Writer, Actors and more. Furthermore, you can view the rating, and also post your comments on the movie to Facebook.



Movigram is the website you should go to when you’re having trouble either finding a movie to watch, or convincing a friend to watch a particular movie with you. The layout and description of a movie is quite compelling; you can view a movie’s IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating but you aren’t distracted by user comments or overwhelmed with too much information. A trailer is available and as well as a quick introduction of the cast. The landing page is good for finding a new and trending movie and the individual movie pages are really good for getting someone interested in a movie. Granted you won’t be able to convince someone to watch Twilight if you share links from this site, for other average to fairly good movies, Movigram’s interface seems to have a compelling effect. It would help if users could save movies to a watch-list but so far, there is only the option of sharing them on social networks.

Moviegram is still in beta, and continues to grow its database and feature set. A must have for all the movie addicts out there. Visit the link below, give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

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