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MyTVrss: Get Alerts When A New Episode Of Your Favorite Show Airs

How much time do you spend online reading mail, watching videos and laughing at pictures of kittens? Probably a lot. While the internet is now a primary source of both information and entertainment, it hasn’t killed TV. Sure you may now watch most of your favorite shows online instead of in the family room, with the family on the family TV but you still watch TV in a sense. MyTVrss is a web service that lets you receive email alerts or create RSS feed for your favorite TV shows; each time a new show airs, you get an email or it shows up in your feed. The news item tells you what show, what episode number and name and what time is it airing along with which network it is airing on.

The service relies on date from TVRage and the Online TV Database. To create feeds, visit the site (no sign-up required) and click RSS feeds on the top bar. Pick which TV shows you would like to get RSS alerts for. The TV shows are, by default, listed in alphabetical order. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Browse TV shows by genre link and all listed shows will be sorted accordingly. The list sorted by genre is only good for finding shows of a particular genre but to add them to your RSS reader, you will still have to go back to the alphabetically ordered list. Check the box next to the show you want to follow, scroll down and click Create Feed.

mytvrss feed

The service gives you the choice to either get updates for shows in your RSS or in Email. Enter you email address or copy and add the link to  your feed reader.

mytvrss add feed

Bookmark the link given at the bottom of the page for editing your TV feed and use it to add or remove shows whenever you want.

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