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News Factory: All Your Favorite Websites And Social News In One Place [Chrome]

News Factory, a Chrome extension, lets you view and read social news in a unique and interesting way. The extension makes use of your browsing history to detect and retrieve websites that can be added to the News Factory list. In addition to that, it automatically retrieves and updates Google Reader feeds. You can add new websites by entering a search term or URL in the search field, and then clicking Add once you’ve found the website. The News Factory button also displays the number of new posts right in your toolbar, and real-time desktop notifications are displayed after specific time intervals.

Once you’ve installed the extension and imported your desired websites, you will be able to access real time feeds & notifications through the News factory button in the toolbar.


You will find three basic categories in the News Factory OptionsImport sources, Manage sources and Settings. These sources are retrieved from Google Reader and your browsing history. Click the Add button to add websites, and enter a website URL to search and add to the list.

News Factory Import

Next, you can also manage all your sources by selecting different options for each website. For instance, you can select RSS feeds, comments or top stories. Each website has its own set of options.


The Settings allow you to enable Page integration by inserting a button inside the pages of the sites you’ve subscribed to. Select the by page or endless scroll option from the Pagination category. Also, select a update interval from the drop down menu, where a minimum of 2 minutes can be set. Enable browser notifications for new posts and stay up-to-date with the latest content from your favorite websites. Desktop notifications are displayed as soon as websites are updated with new posts.


News Factory works perfectly for all the news junkies out there, who want to keep a close watch on news & social updates. With it, you can access all you need without opening a bunch of individual websites over and over again.

Install News Factory For Google Chrome

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