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NewsSquares Is Stylish RSS Google Reader Web App For Chrome

NewsSquares is a Google Chrome web app that allows you to read blogs and news subscriptions in a stylish interface. You can view updates for all your subscribed blogs/news articles, scroll them around, add new subscriptions and enlarge any content that you wish to read within a single window from all your subscribed sources in Google Reader.

At the moment Chrome does not allow adding buttons for web applications, therefore, you will have to open a new tab and click on the NewSquares icon to start using it. All added web applications are instantly displayed in a blank new tab in Chrome.

New Squares

The main window of this web app instantly displays your subscribed news and blog feeds from Google Reader which you can flip, scroll and re-organize simply by hovering your mouse around. You will require being logged into your Google Account for this application to work. To see news feeds from a specific source, simply click on the window that displays its content. This will show you a number of small windows at the bottom of the page regarding the current news feed. You can also mark your feed as read and shrink/enlarge squares within the main window and add or unsubscribe from feeds right from the main page of this application.

News Articles

To read a news item simply click on it to enlarge the feed window. You can cross the window anytime to go back to the main interface. Or you can select a different news item to view from the bottom of the opened window.

Read News

To add a new feed you can click on the Add button from the main window and then type in a name of specified source to find search results. You can simply click on the Get it button to subscribe to the whole website or select specific segments to subscribe for.

Add Subscriptions

Similarly you can click on the Manage Subscriptions button in the Add section in order to remove any added subscriptions. This section displays all the feeds that you are subscribed to and provides you with the option to remove any selected feed.

Remove Subscriptions

To search for a specific feed item you can start typing a criteria in the search bar located at the bottom of the main window. This allows users to find a new or old feed that they wish o quickly access instead of having to scroll through hundreds of feed titles in a conventional feed reader.


In the options window you can choose the time frame after which you would like your feed to be refreshed, enable a secure https connection  to read your feed, hide read items, disable image previews, configure quick access settings,etc.


NewsSquare also shows a pop-up window regarding new news feeds as they come in. This instantly updates you regarding your feed subscriptions.

News Alert

NewsSquares is an extremely stylish and easy-to-use web app that adds extra features to your Google Reader and allows you instant access to your feeds in an visually appealing user interface. However, it currently only displays feeds from Google Reader and does not support other feed readers. This limits its use to people who have a Google account and use Google Reader.

Install NewsSquares Web App for Google Chrome

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