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NewTab – Open Links In New Tab Without Middle Mouse Button [Chrome]

When working on a laptop, a tablet or with a really old mouse that does not have a scroll wheel/ middle-click button, opening a link in a new tab means going through the right-click context menu. Not only is it inconvenient but it gets annoying after awhile especially if you have a fully functional mouse on your desktop but a not so functional touch pad on your laptop. NewTab is a Chrome extension that resolves one functionality that comes with the absence of a middle-click mouse button; it gives you the option to open a link in a new tab when you mouse over it.

The extension is unobtrusive; it is active only when you mouse over a link. A small tab icon with a green plus sign imposed on it appears. Clicking this icon opens the link in a new tab.


The icon appears after a slight delay and disappears in a few second if it isn’t clicked. You can change the delay time for the icon from the extension’s options in addition to changing the position relative to the link where it will appear. The icon can be set to float next to the mouse cursor or to appear aligned with the link. You can also use a custom icon if you don’t like the extension’s icon.

NewTab Options

Additionally, you can blacklist sites where you don’t want the icon to appear from the extension’s options. Blacklisted sites can be removed just as easily as they can be added. Paste the website’s URL that you want to blacklist in the small bar just below Blacklisted Sites and click Add. Remember to click Save Options after making any changes.

Install NewTab Extension For Chrome

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