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Nyabag Sends You Periodic Email Reminders of Tasks & Birthdays

With every to-do list manager there comes a reminder; but reminder functions seldom come first because with task managers it’s mostly about being organized. Nyabag is an online web service that sends you email reminders of  tasks as per the intervals you define. It also provides an online diary that you can use to keep a record of different events.

Nyabag taskspng

The app has a somewhat old school approach where tasks can be groped in to lists and reminders can be set for each task. Reminders can be set to alert you once, daily, weekly, monthly or annually before the end date. To enter tasks, click the Tasks tab on the top. To add a list, click on the List button on the bottom of the Tasks tab, add a name for the list and click Save.

Nyabag list

To add a task to the list, type it in the bar next to the date picker and add it to a list by clicking the Add to list dropdown. Check the Alert me box and set up how often you want to receive reminders and until when.

The app’s key usefulness lies in the lists that each task is associated with. Take for example you create a weekend list and add all your asks to it that will help you get ready for a major weekend event. Periodic reminders will keep you posted on the tasks you have to finish by the weekend, you can cross them out as you get each one done.

Nyabag diary

The app also comes with an online diary of daily events you can maintain. it can be used to track maybe your daily progress on tasks or just to record how you feel everyday and what you did (works only if the ghost of a Twilight obsessed sixteen year old school girl lives in you).

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