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Online Music Alarm: Set YouTube Videos As Web Alarms

Online Music Alarm is a web application that lets you set your favorite videos on YouTube as an alarm. After installing the app, simply search a song/video on YouTube, set a time and the video will be played as an alarm. Online Music Alarm is perfect for people who regularly work online and want to set reminders for different tasks, such as lunch times, deadlines and so on. The app can also be used for entertainment purposes, so select multiple videos and play them whenever you want. Online Music Alarm allows you to set multiple alarms, so you will never miss an important task or appointment.

When you launch the app, your current system time will be displayed on the webpage and on the tab. Simply type a song name in the search bar and hit Enter. As you do this, search results will be retrieved from YouTube and a list of songs will be populated on the page. Next, click Select Song, set the alarm time and you’re good to go. Online Music Alarm also displays the alarm list which shows the alarms set by you.

When you’ve selected a song and time, the video will be played in a small player at the exact time. The app comes with a neat and slick interface, so you can enjoy videos and get reminders at the same time. The app will only show five video results for each search. If there are songs of the same name by multiple artists, it appears to show one result from each one.

The major advantage of this service is that it runs in your browser which is normally a program you have running most time and will keep you from having an extra program running. There aren’t any bugs in the app and the ads that appear on the right can be ignored. What it does appear to lack is some basic features that you would expect in an alarm app.

At present, you can’t name your alarm or add a note with it to remind you what it is you should be doing. Unless you find the perfect song, the very lyrics of which spell out the task for you (perhaps you could set Payphone by Maroon 5 to remind you to make a phone call), the alarms are less useful. The app has no snooze function and videos can’t be paused as it does not  support complete media buttons that are available on the YouTube player. This service is free and does not require a sign up.

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