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Online Tools Offers Various Web Development Tools Under One Hood [Web]

If you are a software developer and use multiple tools for testing and validating your code, then Online-Toolz can be of great help. It’s a web service that provides software developers with a whole lot of validators, functions, generators and conversion tools. It offers HTML, XML validators, text conversion & encryption-decryption functions, date functions, password generators, color chooser and more.

Online Toolz has a tools menu at left side. Starting with some encryption tools, it provides users with MD5 and SHA1 generators. MD5 uses the Message-Digest algorithm 5, whereas SHA1 uses, the SHA algorithm.

Furthermore, it offers JS (JavaScript) escape functions. The escape function encodes a string and makes it portable, so it can be transmitted across the required network to any computer that supports ASCII characters. Online Toolz also allows some common conversions such as, text to Base64, Hexadecimal and Binary. There is also a text to HTML and Unicode to Unicode entities converter tool. There are a number of string manipulation functions, which allow you to find the length of a given string and change string’s case. In addition to that, you can reverse strings, check the word count and hidden characters. The Character Manipulation Function allows you to generate Hex, Octal, UTF-8 value, HTML entity values for specified character.

Character Functions -

Another helpful tool is the date manipulation function. This allows you to convert date to timestamp and vice versa. Online Toolz has other functions too such as XPATH Tester, HTML, XML validators and formatters. Additionally, it has a regular expression and a JSON editor. From the bottom of the menu, you can access password generator and color chooser. The color chooser is another simple tool; just click the color to get HEX and RGB color code.

color chooser

Online Toolz  is a user-friendly web service that is completely free and does not require any signup. It comes particularly useful for those web developers who often have to use multiple tools/web services to validate webpages, perform text encryption/decryption, get color codes and so on. Visit the link below and let us know what you think.

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