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Open Bookmarks Faster Using Chrome Omnibar With QuickMarks

Bookmarks make it easier to revisit a page you liked; they work on the principle that you might never be able to find a certain page again so you mark it for future reference. The questions is, how will you retrieve a bookmark from your long long list of bookmarks? How will you know it’s the one you’re looking for? The QuickMarks Chrome extension not only makes it easier to open a bookmark but also to retrieve the one you’re looking from the list of marked sites.


QuickMarks opens the bookmarks in the OmniBar; type b and press either the ‘Tab’ button or the space bar and start typing the name of the bookmark you want to open. Additionally, you can append keywords to any site you bookmark later on and make it easier to open them in future. The keywords can be set to anything that will remind you what the site was for like ‘That really cool tech blog’ can be a keyword.

To append a keyword to a bookmark, edit the title of the webpage and add the keyword in the format [keyword] and save. The next time you want to open this page press b ( press Tab button or Space bar) and type in your keyword. Your bookmarked site will be listed.

Install QuickMark Extension For Google Chrome

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