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Open Documents In Google Docs Viewer By Default In Firefox

Consider yourself in a situation where you’re working with some document files, and suddenly you discover that you do not have the appropriate software to handle these file types. In our work routine, sometimes we need to reinstall quite a few applications, or set up a PC a fresh, and the first day when you’re running a barebone OS, coming up against a PDF or DOCX document over the internet before you can install any PDF reader or Microsoft Office can be really irritating.

Suppose another situation where you want to open a PDF file quickly but do not want to wait for the bloated Adobe Reader to open it for you. Ofcourse we have alternatives to Adobe Reader but opening the file online is quicker.

Firefox extension gViewer was developed with the exact reasoning in mind. This add-on would redirect the handling of all your PDF, PowerPoint, DOC and DOCX files to Google Viewer.


Configuring the extension is really easy. Once installed, open the browser’s add-on manager and click Options for gViewer. Here, you can choose which file types to be handled by Google Viewer. Simple as that!

gViewer works with Mozilla Firefox 2.0 up to 3.6.*. We tested it with Firefox 3.6.12.

Install gViewer Extension for Firefox

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