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Open PDF Links With Google Docs

PDF/PPT/TIF viewer with Google docs is a free Greasemoney script that can help you open PDF links with Google Docs. Keeping aside it’s long annoying name, it seems quite handy. We all know that the official Adobe Reader is resource hog and have listed various alternatives for you, but what we have missed is the online integration with the browser.

The official Adobe Reader integrates perfectly with Firefox but the problem is that it eats up lots of memory and is quite slow. If you have uninstalled it, then the integration with the browser will be removed as well.

This is where you can use this greasemonkey script, once installed you will then be taken to Google Docs every time you click a PDF, PPT, or TIF link. But this greasemonkey script is not only for Firefox, but also works with Opera and Google Chrome.

google docs pdf

Screenshot above is taken from developer’s page

Google Docs is definitely lightweight and would help in opening the document faster.

PDF/PPT/TIF viewer with Google docs Greasemonkey Script

If you are wondering which 3rd party PDF reader am I using in Windows 7, check out Sumatra PDF Viewer. Enjoy!


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