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Organize To-Do Lists With Nirvana, Service For Getting Things Done

Organizing work and home tasks and actually getting them done on time is not easy; people who manage to do both end up writing self-help books for less organized people who can’t seem to remember where they put the grocery list. There are of course lots of ways that people try and get their day to day tasks on track; setting reminders on their phones, reminders in their emails, sticky notes on the desktop…the list goes on. Nirvana is a GTD (getting things done) web service that could make all this much simpler, it not only lets you set your to-do list but will also forward it to your email, is accessible from your phone and updates you when a task is due. Nirvana new task Nirvana doesn’t tell you how to sort or group your tasks, it lets you create your own ‘areas’ and manage them anyway you want. Tasks can be added in different areas and due dates can be set. You can view all tasks that are due ‘today’ or select a particular area (like work) and see which work related tasks are due for today. Tasks can be scheduled for a future date, or they can be scheduled for ‘later’ or ‘someday’. If you enter a due date for a task, it will appear as a scheduled task but if you aren’t sure when (or if) you’ll ever get around to a task (like painting the garage door), you can set it for ‘later’ or ‘scheduled’. Tasks can be dragged within a list to set priority, i.e. you can sort which tasks you want to get to first today in the Home area. Nirvana You can not only enter tasks that are due on your end but also tasks that are pending with a co-worker or a friend (or spouse e.g. pick up milk). Nirvana lets you mail your contacts (people who you have tasks pending with) using your default mail client. It prefills the To and Subject field based on the email address of the contact and name of the task you’ve entered.Tasks can also be tagged; you can enter multiple tasks for home and label them as ‘shopping’; clicking on the shopping tag in the home area will list all tasks with that tag giving you a list of everything you need to buy. In addition to adding tasks, you can add projects as well, projects are basically a single task with multiple sub-tasks. You can add subtasks directly to a project or drag & drop an existing task to a project. You can enter new tasks via email or from your phone. Nirvana provides an email ID in the Account Settings area. Sending a task to the address adds it to your inbox as an unassigned task (all unassigned tasks go in your Inbox). The Nirvana iPhone site gives you every bit of functionality as the web service and is also an easy way of adding and viewing tasks. Nirvana Mobile And of course, like any GTD, you can check off the tasks you’ve done. Tasks can be archived (in case you need to look at them again) or sent to trash (if you never want to see ‘paint shelves’ again). To start using Nirvana, sign up with them for a free account and they’ll mail you an invite in a few days. Visit Nirvana

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