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Page2Rss – Monitor Sites That Don’t Have RSS In Google Reader [Chrome]

Have you ever come across a website that had great content but for some reason lacked something very basic like an RSS feed? It may seem hard to imagine that a good site would lack this essential feature but it can happen nonetheless and that makes it difficult to monitor a site for changes. Page2Rss is a Chrome extension that allows you to monitor web pages that lack an RSS feed by creating a feed link for them that you can add to Google Reader, Yahoo and Twitter.


The extension detects if a site lacks RSS and its icon appears in the URL bar when you visit any such site. Take for example Google support pages, the icon appears in the URL when you visit a help topic on the Google forums. Clicking the icon opens a small pop-up with options for how you want to monitor the web page. You can monitor a web page either in Google Reader, Yahoo, Netvibes or Twitter. Clicking on any one of the options, will take you to the respective service’s page where you can then proceed to add the page as any other RSS feed.

Install Page2Rss Extension For Chrome

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