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Pandora for Chrome: Control & Rate Pandora Music From Browser Toolbar

Pandora is an online radio station that lets you listen to a variety of songs from popular artists, but switching between songs and controlling Pandora while you work online can be a bit tiring. Pandora For Chrome, an extension for Chrome, allows you to control Pandora right from the browser’s toolbar. It gives you full control of Pandora, and all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar and launch the service from the compact pop-up. Once launched, you can switch between songs, play/pause songs and like/dislike songs. A useful feature of the extension is that, it works seamlessly even when Pandora is open in a different tab or window. It allows you to work and listen to music at the same time without any disruptions. The pop-up displays the song title, artist name and a sharing option.

Once the extension is installed, click the Pandora For Chrome button in the toolbar and the controls will be displayed in a pop-up. You can go to next song, play/pause the track and like/dislike particular items. The pop-up displays the song title and the artist’s name, along with sharing options.

Pandora for Chrome

The extension allows you to work and enjoy music at the same time, without having you to switch between multiple tabs. Pandora For Chrome is a handy extension that has no options or settings, whatsoever, and is worth a look for all regular users of Pandora.

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    Hey!! Thanks for writing about our chrome extension! We recently added new slick UI and made it way more reliable. Rock on!