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Panmind – Manage, Share & Collaborate On Files & Projects

Project management and mind mapping are different things but if the two were to come together, what you’d get is something that would look roughly like Panmind. This web service serves as a means of project management by keeping everyone involved in a particular project updated about any changes. It’s also a great way to share files and keep everyone posted on when a new file has been added or a file has been modified. The service has an additional features that allows all members to post comments on projects, thus facilitating consistent feedback.

You can connect to the service using either your Twitter or Facebook accounts or you can sign up for an account with Panmind. Initially you get three projects that you can create but you can request more, free of charge, and they are instantly updated. A project can be either public or private. Public projects are available to everyone. You can choose who you want to invite for collaboration on each project, individually.

Panmind create projects

To create a project, click the dropdown menu on the Projects tab and choose Create a new project. You can select a language and category for a project, add a project cover to it and invite people to collaborate on a project by entering their email addresses. To view all projects that you’ve created, select Go to all projects from the projects dropdown menu.

Panmind  All projects

To upload files to a project, visit the project page from the project dashboard. You can upload documents and images and link videos from YouTube and Vimeo. You an also make Writeboards which is where you can create documents for everyone to collaborate on. Each project has a Feed which is updated with any and all changes that are made to a project.

upload files

To navigate different features of the service, you can use the tabs in the left side panel.

Panmind tabs

Get Started helps you create your first project and provides a step by step to inviting contacts to collaborate. Global Feed lets you see a cumulative feed for all your projects. Projects takes you to the projects dashboard, Inbox contains messages of specific changes to projects. Connections takes you to a list of everyone you have currently added in your network and are collaborating with on a project. Invitations is used to invite more people to collaborate with. Regardless of whether or not someone is using Panmind, they are updated about changes to a project via email thus ensuring everyone knows how a project is going.

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