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PasswordBox: Secure Online Password Vault & Manager [Chrome]

Passwords are perhaps the sole protectors of your identity in a lot of cases, and even more so when it comes to online accounts. We all have different passwords for our personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts and what not, as using the same password for all services is practically suicide. On top of that, it’s recommended that you regularly change your passwords, so they don’t get compromised. Managing old passwords and remembering new ones can be a real pain, particularly if you use a lot of different services. This is where PasswordBox can help. This slick Chrome extension simplifies your life by keeping a record of all your login details, all protected by one master password, so in case you forget a password, you can always retrieve it with merely a couple of clicks. It even provides you with the option to set your passwords to be shared to an address of your choice in case something happens to you,. The extension comes with multiple categories, each having an extensive list of popular services. Another thing; if you’re interested in giving PasswordBox a try, you should hurry on past the break and to the download link as the password manager will be absolutely free for the first million users.

After you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to access all your saved passwords from the Pass tab. Sharing, editing and deleting passwords is also possible from this same tab.


You will find four different categories under the New tab, which include Popular, Social, Media and Business. Each category comes with multiple services and networks; for instance, the Popular category lets you save passwords for services like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Simply select a service, enter login details, and you’re good to go.


The Share category allows you to set a password for a particular account to be shared with an email of someone you trust in the event of your passing away. This feature involves a request from the email with which the password is to be shared, followed by the verification of the sharer’s death certificate.

The last tab, Settings, lets you enable the Remember my email and Keep me logged in (remember my password) options. In addition to that, you can also change the Master Password, which will be utilized to log in to PasswordBox itself.


It must be pointed out that unlike the famous LastPass, PasswordBox is merely a password manager and will not monitor live sessions, nor will it fill out the login forms on its own. The extension, however, is quite effective at what it does, and lets you easily manage all your passwords on the internet. Install the extension from the link below, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Install PasswordBox For Google Chrome


  1. I use “Intuitive Password” online password manager, and it is quite good. There is no plugin required to use their one-click login feature.

  2. HELP! when I enter the e-mail and Master password for my “Password Box” (a Google Chrome store extension) It reads “opening” but turns the lock green and it just sits there spinning but thats it it wont open? whats the problem any suggestions?

  3. Doesn’t the permissions allow for the company to access all your data on your computer and all the websites you can access. And try finding out about the company your sending all this data to. Good luck. I had this application and loved it until I had to basically relinquish all my information to this obscure Canadian company.

  4. Nice find…  If PasswordBox had the capability to perform auto fill, this would go from being an excellent extension to an exceptional extension.  Love it…


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