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PDF & Print with Joliprint – Web Pages To PDF Or Google Docs [Firefox]

Firefox extensions are about as powerful and useful as they come but with Firefox on a rapid release cycle and the fact that extension compatibility with newer versions isn’t guaranteed, there is always a chance that the extension you’re in love with today might not be around in six weeks. PDF & Print with Joliprint is a Firefox extension that allows you to convert web pages to PDF files, save them to Google Docs, Create eBooks out of your Google Reader news items and ReadItLater lists.

The extension adds a small printer button next to the URL bar. Whenever you want to convert a page to a PDF file, click the button and a pop-up will give you different options to choose for conversion.

PDF & Print with Joliprint  convert

Clicking on Download will save the web page as a PDF file. The extension focuses on the important elements of the page, removes ads, social media buttons and widgets etc., to give you a clean content focused PDF file.

PDF & Print with Joliprint  download

The extension alternatively lets you save a web page to Google Docs, share it on Facebook, Twitter, email it or use the direct download link to do whatever it is you want with it. Web pages rendered as PDF files in Google Docs using the extension are of the same quality as when they are downloaded in PDF format. To use the extension in Google Reader, select a feed and click the button. The Extension will convert the first ten items in the feed to a PDF file.

PDF & Print with Joliprint Google Reader

The extension doesn’t add a watermark to the files, however, it does add the service name, JoliPrint, on the left side of the file. It does not effect the readability of the file in any way. In addition to viewing a web page as a PDF file, either on your system or in Google Docs, you can share the download link either on Facebook or Twitter. The PDF can be email directly from the pop-up window.

PDF & Print with Joliprint email

A few good reasons for using this extension when you probably have another one that converts web pages to PDFs; it works with the latest Firefox version, it does more than converting web pages to PDFs and you can download the PDF from any browser using the link provided by the extension. Needless to say that eliminating unnecessary items from a page is also a big plus since it keeps the print job small and helps save both ink and paper (think green).

Install PDF & Print with Joliprint Extension For Firefox


  1. I have been trying to use this for 2 days and it keeps coming up with an error.  Anyone else having trouble at the momenr?

  2. I have been trying to use this for 2 days and it keeps coming up with an error.  Anyone else having trouble at the momenr?

  3. Only problem: doesn’t put an button next to the url bar on my firefox instal. Stays firmly in the add-ons bar, can’t be ‘customized’ to appear next to url bar.

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