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Pi.pe For Windows: Easily Transfer Images Between Multiple Social Networks & Web Services

Sharing is caring. As much as we love to view our favorite photos, we do the same when sharing them with our folks. There are hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of image sharing websites available out there now that allow you to easily upload your files and share them with your friends and family. For instance Instagram has become a limelight of many people’s interest lately. If you use multiple photo sharing and social media websites, you may want a cloud data management tool instead that can help you with your online image galleries. Previously, we covered an application for Windows called Migratr that lets you move these pictures to popular photo sharing services including Flickr, Google Picasa, Photobucket and so on. Another one such service that i came across today is Pi.pe. It is a web service that allows you to transfer hundreds of images and videos between multiple social media networks and image uploading websites including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, MySpace, Picasa, Photobucket and more. Details to follow.

The web service provides you with a five step process to select the source service, select the images and videos, and transfer them to the target accounts. You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account. In the first step, select the source account that contains your images.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-04_15-05-48

When you select a service, it lets you choose the folders/albums containing the images and videos you want to transfer them to the required target accounts.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-04_15-09-09

Switch the view to Detailed View from the top right corner to select/deselect individual images and videos for transferring.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-04_15-11-49

The third step allows you to edit the details of the selected items and lets you delete any unwanted items from the transfer list.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-04_15-14-40

Next up, you have to select the destination account for the pictures and videos. The service allows you choose multiple destinations and transfer selected files to specified social media/photo sharing website. It’s worth mentioning here that if the target account doesn’t support files you want to move, it will automatically skip all the unsupported files.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-04_15-17-22

The last step gives you a summary of the transfer process. You can view the source location and the target locations before starting the data transfer process.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-04_15-18-42

As of this writing, the app is in private beta, and you need to sign up for the service using email address to get invited. It also doesn’t have any desktop client and the entire thing works from web API.

Visit Pi.pe

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